Cartoon Crush is a match-three puzzle game for Android devices. You can download and play for free here.

In Cartoon Crush, each level has one or more objectives you need to complete in order to reach the next level. Play, by clicking 2 or more connected blocks. You can combine multiple blocks in order to create powers like Rocket, Barrel and Star. These powerful items can also be combined into amazing combo-effects like Rocket + Star.

Be careful to not run out of moves because each level has it's own, limited amount of them.

You can earn up to 3 stars per level by making more and more combo-effects.

Currently there is no iOS version of the game. We have plans on launching an iOS version of the game soon.

Yes. Cartoon Crush works on both mobile phones and tablets. Unfortunately, some of the older devices are unsupported because of the hardware requirements.
If you have troubles installing the game, send us an email at

Currently we do not support sync between devices.

You have 5 lives when you start the game. Each time you run out of moves, you lose one life. You get a new life every 30 minutes.

Also, you can get additional lives from the Level Chest, Star Chest, Weekly Gift, Medal Quest and through the in-app purchases. When you have 0 lives, you can Refill them for 100 coins and get them back quickly!

You can receive Coins, Boosters and Powers by opening chests or winning tournaments (Star Clash & Medal Quest).

You can get additional coins by connecting your Facebook account and inviting Facebook friends to the game.

Each level has a limited amount of moves but it's possible to complete each of them without using boosters or powers.
We're working hard on adjusting the amount of moves so they fit you perfectly.

When you run out of moves, you can spend 100 coins on 5 additional moves and 200 coins on moves and extra boosters.

No, Cartoon Crush is a completely ad-free game.

Currently there are 250 unique levels and 5 chapters.

We plan on adding more and more levels very, very soon.

Requires level 20. Complete levels and collect stars. The more stars you have at the end of the event, the better the reward you'll get.

Star Clash runs for 24 hours and starts every two days.

Requires level 30. Complete levels without losing lives to collect Trophies (maximum 3). Each trophy gives you additional Rocket and Barrel for the next level. Be careful. If you lose a life, you'll lose all your trophies.

Star Clash runs from Monday 9:00 AM to Tuesday 5:00 PM and from Wednesday 9:00 AM to Thursday 5:00 PM and from Friday 5:00 PM to Saturday 8:00 PM.

Requires level 25. Complete levels to earn medals. When you collect 20 medals, you'll get a reward containing coins, boosters and a lot of lives!

Medal Quest runs from Tuesday 9:00 AM to Wednesday 3:00 PM and from Friday 3:00 PM to Saturday 9:00 AM.

You can open a Level Chest by completing 10 levels. You'll get one at levels 10, 20, 30 etc.

Star Chest opens when you collect 20 stars by completing levels.

Come back to the game each day to receive an awesome Daily-Reward!

Play for 7 consecutive days to receive a Gift full of prices including coins, lives, boosters, powers and more!

Go to the main menu (the one with the "Level" button) and click Settings cogwheel on the top. Then, click Change Nickname.

You can change your nickname once a week.

Go to the main menu (the one with the "Level" button) and click Settings cogwheel on the top. Then, click Change Country.

You can change your country once a week.

Rankings present the top players in the world and in your country according to their levels. If two or more players are on the same level, the first being displayed is that who achieved that level earlier.

When a player is inactive for 2 weeks, he's hidden from the rankings.

The Friends tab shows your Facebook friends who also play Cartoon Crush. If there are no friends, it means that none of your friends currently plays the game.

Feel free to Invite your friends to compete with them!

Rankings and events require an internet connection to load. Please connect to a Wi-Fi network or enable the data-transfer on your phone/tablet in order to load them properly.

In the Main Menu click Shop button (shopping cart icon).

Choose your favourite items-pack and enjoy the coins and powerful boosters!

Please send us an email describing the issue to and we'll help you as soon as possible.

Don't worry, we'll help you out and give you your items! :)

Please send us an email with a transaction details to and we'll help you as soon as possible.

Purchases made in Cartoon Crush are processed by Google so you can edit your payment info through their services. Please visit this link.

Cartoon Crush is a free-to-play game but you can still buy items using real money. If you are worried about making an accidental purchase, please follow this link in order to apply restrictions in your device's settings.

If you've made a purchase you'd like to get a refund for, drop us an email to